Cryptocurrency Meets Gaming: Introducing the $FACE Token and Its Roadmap


The $FACE Token is here to revolutionize online gaming by adding unmatched usefulness to the platform. Designed to shake up the betting industry, $FACE provides special perks to users of our platform. From gaming to redeeming prizes, it guarantees smooth and safe transactions as the main currency. Come and be a part of our effort to revolutionize online betting by emphasizing openness, honesty, and community service. Take part in the gaming industry’s evolution with $FACE.

Mission and Vision

  1. Mission

The mission of the PokerFace $FACE ecosystem is to deliver an all-encompassing online gaming experience driven by blockchain technology. This will be accomplished by breaking down boundaries and increasing transparency. Its fundamental principle is a dedication to reinventing incentives within the gaming environment.

  • Vision

The long-term goal is to become the most trusted name in online gambling, leading the industry in providing safe, fair, and rewarding experiences for players all over the world. Through our steadfast dedication to openness and creativity, we want to revolutionize the gaming industry by providing players with an unmatched degree of confidence and pleasure in every encounter.

CASINO: Your Ultimate Gaming Destination

We at POKERFACE provide a wide variety of game choices to ensure that we can satisfy the preferences of every player. Bets may be placed on more than 35 different sports, including football, tennis, horse racing, and many more. This ensures that sports fans have a wide variety of options to cover their betting needs.

In addition, our online casino offers a comprehensive collection of over 200 games sourced from the industry’s most reputable developers. The players have access to a wide range of alternatives, including blackjack, roulette, poker, and other games, ranging from traditional slot machines to exhilarating live casino experiences. The use of POKERFACE guarantees that everyone will have a thrilling and engaging gaming experience.

ROADMAP: Navigating the Future of POKERFACE

Phase 1: Preparation Phase

In Phase 1, our focus is on laying the groundwork for success:

Pokerface Token Creation: Establishing the foundation of our ecosystem with the creation of the Pokerface Token.

Team Onboarding: Building a skilled and dedicated team to drive the project forward.

Developing the Ecosystem: Crafting and refining the infrastructure necessary for a seamless user experience.

Applying for an eGambling License: Ensuring regulatory compliance and fostering trust within the gaming community.

Community Test of Lottery App: Engaging our community in the testing and refinement of our lottery application.

Phase 2: Pre-Launch Phase

As we approach the launch, Phase 2 involves critical preparatory steps:

Token Audit: Conducting thorough audits to ensure the security and integrity of our token.

KYC (Know Your Customer): Implementing procedures to verify the identity of users and enhance platform security.

Whitepaper Release: Providing comprehensive insight into our vision, technology, and roadmap.

Integrating Betradar: Enhancing our platform’s capabilities with the integration of leading sports betting data.

$FACE Token Audit: Verifying the functionality and security of our utility token.

PresalePresale Start: Offering early supporters the opportunity to acquire tokens at a discounted rate.

Affiliate Program Launch: Empowering our community to participate in our growth and success through our affiliate program.

Affiliate Dashboard: Providing affiliates with tools and resources to track and optimize their performance.

Community Competition: Engaging our community and fostering excitement through interactive competitions.

Phase 3: Launch Phase

Phase 3 marks the official launch of POKERFACE, accompanied by:

Further Casino Development: Expanding and refining our casino offerings to provide a comprehensive gaming experience.

KYC Procedures: Continuing to prioritize user security with ongoing verification processes.

Community Events & Giveaways: Celebrating our launch and engaging our community with exciting events and promotions.

Release of New Utility 1: Introducing new features and utilities to enhance the functionality of our platform.

Reveal of Cex Exchange: Unveiling our partnership with a Centralized Exchange (Cex) to facilitate token liquidity.

NFT Drop: Offering unique digital collectibles and experiences to our users through the launch of Non-Fungible Tokens.

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